Week In Review: Huckabee & Trump, Jacksonville Schools Tax, Milligan-Ethics, & DHS Pick

Feb 5, 2016

KUAR Week-In-Review Podcast.

This week in Arkansas news:

  • A 9th place finish in Iowa puts former governor Mike Huckabee out of the Republican presidential contest. Where will his Arkansas supporters fall by March 1?
  • The rest of the field heads to New Hampshire while Donald Trump takes a detour to a "sold out" Barton Coliseum. He takes shots at Clinton and the "cheat" Cruz.
  • The brand new Jacksonville-North Pulaski County School District prepares for its first millage tax campaign.
  • Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan once again finds himself before the state Ethics Commission. 
  • The Hutchinson administration picks a new head of DHS and she's got experience from the genesis of the Affordable Care Act - Romneycare. The governor returns to Arkansas from a meeting with federal officials to negotiate limits to Medicaid expansion.