What's Next For Newly-Passed Abortion Laws In Arkansas?

Mar 24, 2013

Some Arkansans are demanding accountability from state lawmakers, and this past weekend they turned out in hundreds to protest recently passed legislation. Protesters gathered at the capitol to express disapproval of newly-passed reproductive laws in Arkansas.

Signs saying things like “may the choice be with you” and “mind your business” floated high above the crowd. Arkansans attended the rally at the capitol this Saturday, they say, in support of women’s rights and, as many protesters noted, human rights in general.

Rita Sklar of the ACLU spoke to the crowd and reaffirmed the organization's commitment to fight the recent abortion bans passed at the capitol, while Senator Joyce Elliot said she’d continue to push for less restrictive legislation.

Cherie, who did not share her last name, driving from Mountain View to attend the event, says she is doing this for the next generation,

“Well I’m hoping some of these folks will come back and actually attend the committee meetings when they start to vote” she said.

Many of the men and women that attended the event hope the commitment to fighting this legislation doesn't end after this weekend’s protest.