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July 25, 2014

1:01 PM
Artist : George Gershwin
Album :
Composer : George Gershwin
Catalog : 7901
Orchestra : Tashi
Label : RCA
1:06 PM
Die Fledermaus: Overture
Artist : Johann Strauss, Jr.
Album :
Composer : Johann Strauss, Jr.
Catalog : 5120
Orchestra : Philharmonia Orchestra
Label : Nimbus
1:15 PM
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Artist : Johann Sebastian Bach
Album :
Composer : Johann Sebastian Bach
Catalog : 63662
Orchestra : Elias String Quartet
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : Warner
1:20 PM
Clarinet Concerto
Artist : Johann Stamitz
Album :
Composer : Johann Stamitz
Catalog : 54842
Orchestra : Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Label : EMI
1:37 PM
Symphony No. 8 Unfinished
Artist : Franz Schubert
Album :
Composer : Franz Schubert
Catalog : 48132
Orchestra : The Classical Band
Label : Sony
2:01 PM
Artist : Emmanuel Chabrier
Album :
Composer : Emmanuel Chabrier
Catalog : 90222
Orchestra : Rembrandt Trio
Label : Dorian
2:06 PM
Artist : Luigi Boccherini
Album :
Composer : Luigi Boccherini
Catalog : 80338
Orchestra : Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
Label : Telarc
2:10 PM
Armida: Overture
Artist : Tommaso Traetta
Album :
Composer : Tommaso Traetta
Catalog : 479205
Orchestra : Concerto Koln
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : Archiv
2:17 PM
Horn Quintet
Artist : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Album :
Composer : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Catalog : 601
Orchestra : Boston Symphony Chamber Players
ReleaseYear : 2006
Label : BSO
2:35 PM
Farewell to Stromness
Artist : Peter Maxwell Davies
Album :
Composer : Peter Maxwell Davies
Catalog : 80492
ReleaseYear : 1998
Label : Telarc
2:39 PM
Symphony No. 24
Artist : Franz Joseph Haydn
Album :
Composer : Franz Joseph Haydn
Catalog : 5179
Orchestra : Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra
Label : Nimbus
1:00 pm
Fri March 20, 2009

Making The Perfect Exit

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We called up two more people to talk a little bit about endings. First, Curtis Sittenfeld. She wrote the novel "American Wife." And get this. Our show, Day to Day, pops up on page 490.

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12:25 pm
Wed April 23, 2008

German Left Courts the Working Class

Left Party leader Oskar Lafontaine protests with miners against the closure of mines in Saarbrucken, Germany, on March 5.
Torsten Silz AFP/Getty Images

A new political party in Germany has made saving the working class and the country's welfare system rallying points for attracting votes. It has been drawing support from the mainstream parties with a radical message.

The party, Die Linke, or the Left Party, is a merger of the reformed Communist Party from East Germany and discontented former Social Democrats. One of its co-leaders, Oskar Lafontaine, says that Germany shouldn't turn its back on working people just as they are increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

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3:12 pm
Fri March 14, 2008

Dance Craze Tecktonik Spreads Through Europe

A teen dances the Tecktonik, an alternative dance form that has started spreading through nightclubs in Europe — and could be heading for U.S. shores.
Fred Dufour AFP/Getty Images

With the Macarena long past, a new European dance craze is set to invade U.S. shores.

The Tecktonik began just outside Paris — and is spreading to nightclubs and onto the streets across Europe.

At the Metropolis, one of the biggest nightclubs in the Paris region, the music goes by a lot of different names. Electro. Jump style. Hard style. Hard core. But the only dance is the Tecktonik.

The customers at the club are mostly in their teens and early 20s, middle class, and from every ethnic background. They look as if they were raised by Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

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