Tales from the South

Thursdays, 8-8:30 p.m. on KUAR
  • Hosted by Paula Morell

True stories told by the Southerners who lived them. The program is recorded in front of a live audience at restaurants and venues throughout Arkansas and the South.

The program is hosted by Paula Martin Morell.

Tales from the South welcomes submissions from all Arkansans. Visit the program's website to learn more.

A note about program scheduling:

Shows are recorded on Tuesday nights and air on KUAR two weeks later on Thursday night.

The podcast of the show that airs Thursday is posted on that morning.

TFTS-231 "Love 2015" February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

On this week's show it's our annual "Love" show with stories involving matters of the heart: Lisa Brandom - Sandra Dee / Jessica Horton - Inferno / Kay Fisher - We Did What?. Musical guests Amy Garland and Bonnie Montgomery.

TFTS-229 "Tales from the Farm" February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

On this week's show, stories about life on the farm: Micah Anderson - Farming Fire / Renee McCracken - How Lucky Bob The Rooster Got His Name / Shiloh Avery - 3 is the Magic Number. Musical guest Denver Hawsey.

On this week's show, stories about embarrassing moments in life: Grant Rollins - Happy Birthday Schopenhauer / Martin Bauer - Cold Hard Facts / John Wells - Toy Cars. Musical guest Mark Currey.

On this week's show, stories about being between a rock and a hard place: Holly Patton - Escape from Paradise / Karen Hayes - My Support Group / Connie Mack Meskimen - What Is So Rare As a Day in June.  Musical guest Brad Williams.

TFTS-225 "State of the Art" January 12, 2014

Jan 13, 2015

On this week's show, we're at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in conjunction with their State of the Art exhibit. Joining Paula are State of the Art Curator Chad Alligood and two State of the Art Artists, Susan Goethel and Pam Longobardi. Musical guest Shannon Wurst.

TFTS-174 "Encore: 2013 Best of the Year"

Jan 5, 2015

On this week's show, an encore presentation of our Season 8 Finale featuring the best stories of 2013: Kay Fisher - A Private Goodbye / Martha Eshleman - The Warrior Round / Holland Colclasure - Finding Jesus / Bruce Snow - Foul Weather Friend / J.W. Taylor - The Confession / John Hornor Jacobs - George Paul. Musical guest Mister Morphis.

TFTS-226 "2014 Best of Year" December 29, 2014

Dec 29, 2014

On this week's show, our annual Best of the Year show featuring the 6 best stories of the year: Amber Hood - Sassy / Paul Prater - The End of Summer / Randi Romo - Fireworks / Jillian Bogy - Soil for the Soul / Ed Gubbins - Incontinence / Bill Scott - El Language Barrier. Musical guest Brad Williams.

TFTS-224 "2014 Holiday Show" December 22, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

On this week's show, our annual Holiday show for 2014 with stories about the season: Joanna Seibert - Christmas Eve Communion / Deborah Carroll - Santa to the Rescue / Kari-Lyn Sisson - Growing Up Christmas / Jill Duvall - Fourth Grade Christmas  / John Steward - Fire in the Chimney / Paul Bowen - All the Theology You Need. Musical guest Brad Williams.

On this encore show, stories about creative conflict resolution: Madison Hedrick - Winning / Joseph B. Cole - Ole Miss Demeanor / Tyler Thompson - My Little Red Corvette. Musical guest Brad Williams.

TFTS-223 "Say What?" December 8, 2014

Dec 8, 2014

On this week's show, stories about that say WHAT? moment: Jennifer Winningham - Monkey Business / Jane Gatewood - I'll Have Two Pina Coladas / Bill Scott - Dressed to Kill.  Musical guest The Salty Dogs.