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Arkansas Department of Correction

Arkansas has the highest percentage of male inmates in solitary confinement in the country according to a new report.

The president of First National Bank of Lawrence County in Walnut Ridge says at least $3.9 million has been stolen from the bank - but adds that all customer deposits are safe.

Milton Smith said in a statement to The Jonesboro Sun that the FBI is investigating and that he can't release other details. FBI spokeswoman Deb Green told the newspaper that it would not be appropriate to comment at this time.

As Arkansas contends with overcrowded prisons, high rates of recidivism among parolees, and the potential resumption of executions, a conference this weekend at the UALR Bowen School of Law is focusing on findings of a report by the Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System Project.

The Arkansas Parole Board has adopted changes in which parole violators might not be automatically arrested for some violations.

The board announced Thursday that arrest warrants will be automatically issued for parole violators who are charged with a violent felony or sex-related crime or any crime involving use of a weapon. Arrest warrants will also be issued for parolees who evade supervision for 180 or more days.

Other requests for an arrest warrant will be reviewed by a parole board member as the board seeks to help reduce prison overcrowding.

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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he wants the state to continue working with faith leaders about ways to address a shortage in foster homes and needs for re-entry programs for prisoners after a two-day summit focused on the topics.

Searcy Police chief jeremy clark

Former Searcy Police Chief Jeremy Clark has pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a narcotic painkiller.

U.S. Attorney Christopher Thyer says Clark pleaded guilty Monday to possession of hydrocodone and was sentenced to one year probation. Clark must also undergo drug counseling and random drug tests, pay a $1,000 fine and surrender his law enforcement certification and never again work as a law enforcement officer.

Clark said he obtained the narcotic in August 2014 from at least one person who was not authorized to distribute the drug.

Dennis Milligan treasurer
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Little Rock lawyer and blogger Matt Campbell has filed a 113-page ethics complaint against State Treasurer Dennis Milligan and several staff members listing 14 separate allegations.

Arkansas State Police say a Forrest City man died in a traffic accident after pointing a gun at a trooper and then fleeing.

State police say a trooper pulled over 31-year-old Justen Williams about 12:15 a.m. Thursday on Arkansas 1 near its intersection with Interstate 40. The agency said Williams pointed a gun at the trooper, then sped away.

Office of the Governor

35 men on Arkansas’s death row are now closer than anyone in the state has been in years to receiving a lethal injection. Governor Asa Hutchinson told reporters on Thursday he could soon begin scheduling execution dates. 

Federal prosecutors say 70 people have been charged after a two-year investigation into alleged drug trafficking and gun violence in northeastern Arkansas.

U.S. Attorney Christopher Thyer and others announced Tuesday that 40 sealed indictments handed up last week named 70 defendants in a major drug-and-weapon operation. More than 500 law officers staged a number of arrests Tuesday morning.

Thyer said it had been evident for some time that drugs and guns were "overrunning" the Arkansas Delta.