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Arkansas Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson is asking the directors of three agencies to continue in their current roles when he takes office in January.

Hutchinson announced Wednesday that he's asking Arkansas Crime Information Center Director Jay Winters; Arkansas State Crime Lab Director Kermit Channell; and Disability Determination for Social Security Administration Director Arthur Boutiette to remain.

Hutchinson said each of the three have agreed to continue as directors of their agencies.

In a statement, Hutchinson wrote:

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe is defending his plans to pardon his son for a 2003 marijuana conviction, saying he's receiving the same type of second chance hundreds of other nonviolent offenders have had.

Beebe appeared Tuesday on his monthly call-in show on the Arkansas Educational Television Network. He said he's not going to treat his son any better or any worse than others who have sought pardons during his administration.

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Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson says he'll likely have a different approach to the budget than priorities outlined Thursday by outgoing Governor Mike Beebe.

Beebe is encouraging legislators to delay $29.4 million in tax cuts on capital gains and manufacturing in order to meet the needs of the educational system, Medicaid and state prisons.  Beebe warned that state employees won’t get pay raises next year and agencies will lose funds if tax cuts approved in 2013 go into effect.

Governor Asa Hutchinson Gov
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Arkansas Gov.-elect Asa Hutchinson says the public can apply for jobs and appointments in his administration in a new website he's setting up as he prepares to take office next year.

The incoming Republican governor told reporters Thursday that he has set up a website, , to provide updates about his transition.

Former Treasurer Martha Shoffner Walking Past The Press After Her  Plea Hearing
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A federal judge has refused to accept a guilty plea from Arkansas' former state treasurer and instead sent her mail-fraud case to trial.

Martha Shoffner tried to plead guilty Monday to a charge accusing her of misspending campaign donations on personal items. But U.S. District Judge Leon Holmes rejected her plea, saying Shoffner didn't admit all elements of the crime.

Shoffner admitted using the campaign money for personal bills - but said that wasn't her intent when she accepted the donations.

More than 28,000 Arkansas state workers are set to receive a 1 percent pay raise that had been delayed.

Department of Finance and Administration Director Richard Weiss told state agency directors in a memo Thursday that a cost-of-living adjustment will appear in employees' Nov. 28 paychecks.

Weiss says in the memo that Gov. Mike Beebe asked finance officials to review the performance of the state's economy and revenue collections for the first quarter of the year.

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Arkansas Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson says it will be January at the earliest before he decides whether to push for continuing the state’s Medicaid expansion program.

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Arkansas Gov.-elect Asa Hutchinson is hiring the outgoing state Senate president as his new chief of staff.

Hutchinson on Wednesday announced that he was hiring Sen. Michael Lamoureux of Russellville and that the Russellville lawmaker would also serve as transition director. Hutchinson, a Republican, defeated Democratic nominee Mike Ross in Tuesday's governor's race.

Lamoureux has served as state Senate president since 2013 and was first elected to the chamber in a special election in 2009. Lamoureux was re-elected to a four year term in 2012.

The first quarter of the state’s fiscal year has come to a close and finance officials reported Thursday that revenue is slightly below forecast. John Shellnut, with the Department of Finance and Administration, said individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, and sales tax collections all fell below forecast for September.

He expects the sales tax shortfall, the most significant problem, to improve.

A former deputy director of the Arkansas Department of Human Services has pleaded guilty to providing official assistance in exchange for bribes from the owner of two mental health companies.

Federal officials announced Thursday that 49-year-old Steven B. Jones had pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery charges. Jones, of Marion, will be sentenced April 2, 2015.