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9:20 am
Sun June 1, 2014

Abundance Of Ticks Reported In Arkansas

The University of Arkansas' Division of Agriculture says there is an abundance ticks this spring in Arkansas.

The statement comes on the heels of the death in neighboring Oklahoma of a man who had a virus spread through tick bites.

Extension entomologist Kelly Loftin says lone star ticks and American dog ticks are particularly prevalent. A Delaware, Oklahoma, man died from the Heartland virus - which is linked to the lone star tick.

Other ticks in Arkansas include the blacklegged tick, the winter tick, the Gulf Coast tick and the brown dog tick.

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Local & Regional News
4:50 pm
Thu May 29, 2014

Grant To Allow Study of Adolescent Trauma And Addiction Later In Life

Researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are getting a grant of nearly $1.5 million to look at the effects of trauma on teenage girls to see if there’s a direct connection to drug addiction later in life.

Dr. Clint Kilts is lead investigator of the study, which is being funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

“We see trauma in many forms, whether it’s childhood abuse or neglect or adolescent assault exposure," which Kilts says disrupts the normal organizational structure and function of the human brain.

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5:01 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

Health Department Issues E-Cigarette Advisory

The Arkansas Health Department is cautioning consumers to be aware of the dangers of e-cigarettes, which use vapor to deliver nicotine.

The agency says the practice known as 'vaping' exposes consumers to harmful chemicals. Health officials said Tuesday that e-cigarettes are unregulated and pose health risks to users and people who breathe second-hand fumes.

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9:38 am
Fri May 2, 2014

43,446 In Arkansas Enrolled In New Health Plans

More than 43,000 Arkansans have picked health plans on the new insurance markets created by the federal health overhaul.

The federal government said Thursday that 43,446 Arkansas residents signed up between Oct. 1, 2013 and March 31.

Previous enrollment figures found that more than 33,500 residents had already picked out a plan through the exchange, an online marketplace where consumers can compare and shop for policies.

State officials had anticipated 250,000 residents to have signed up.

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2:06 pm
Fri April 11, 2014

Arkansas Surgeon General: More Transparency Means Better Healthcare

This week’s nationwide release of data on doctors’ Medicare billing fees has many cheering the cause of making the costs associated with healthcare more transparent. The release also heralds a future of greater transparency as to how healthcare is delivered and assessed, according to Arkansas Surgeon General Joe Thompson.

In Arkansas, numbers show oncologists, ophthalmologists and ambulance services tend to receive the most in Medicare payments. Thompson said he welcomes the greater transparency in healthcare costs but warns that the numbers could be taken out of context.

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Local & Regional News
2:00 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

Arkansas Officials Kick Off Public Health Week

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola speaks at the event

Local government officials and the Arkansas Department of Health are trying to raise awareness about issues like obesity, childhood hunger, fitness and nutrition for National Public Health Week.

On Monday, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola, North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith, representatives from the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and others gathered at the Big Dam Bridge to advocate for various educational initiatives.

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5:26 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

Study: 1 Out Of Every 65 Arkansas Kids Diagnosed With Autism

A new report shows a sharp increase in the number of Arkansas kids being diagnosed with autism.

The study released Thursday says one in every 65 eight-year-olds have the disorder, which is characterized by impaired social interaction and restricted behaviors. The estimate is based on data from 2010.

Eight years earlier, one in every 145 kids at that age in Arkansas were considered to be autistic.

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Affordable Care Act
2:55 pm
Mon March 24, 2014

With Deadline Near, More Arkansans Signing Up On Insurance Marketplace

The deadline to sign up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace is nearing. Those seeking to enroll have until next Monday, March 31, or they may face a fine.

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6:24 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

Arkansas Flu Deaths Reach 52 So Far This Season

The Arkansas Health Department says 52 people have died from influenza so far this flu season.

Officials said Tuesday that there's about one week left in peak flu season and the toll could still rise. Last flu season, 61 people in Arkansas died from the respiratory virus.

Little Rock television station KTHV reports that most of people who developed fatal infections were adults between ages of 25 and 62.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta says the flu is classified as widespread in Arkansas.

Flu Season
3:44 pm
Fri January 24, 2014

Arkansas Flu Deaths On The Rise

Arkansas's number of flu deaths this season is now 25.

Doctor Dirk Haselow, the state's epidemeologist says he thinks the state's flu season has peaked, but total deaths could top 50 before the season is fully over. He says with more flu season ahead, it's not too late to get a flu shot if you haven't had one already.

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