Arkansas Safety

Arkansas At Risk For Wildfires

Jul 17, 2013

Little Rock Fire Department officials are warning area residents to be extra careful when grilling food outdoors or when using lawn equipment that can create sparks.

Drought-like conditions have made grass and forage extremely dry and ultimately put Pulaski, Faulkner, Saline, and 66 other Arkansas counties at moderate risk for wildfire danger.

Captain Edwin Wolf works with the Little Rock Fire Department.

Home Fireworks And Sparklers Can Result In Injuries

Jul 1, 2013

Burn related injuries are on the rise this time of year due to out door festivities. The Fourth of July often means using fireworks and sparklers, but Arkansas Children’s Hospital spokeswoman, Pamela Richard says people don’t often understand the dangers involved.

"Fire works are dangerous, what a lot of people don't realize is the danger of a sparkler. We actually had a patient who had her clothes catch on fire from a sparkler. She has body burns, not just burns to her hands or her face but her clothes caught on fire. So she was severely injured from a sparkler," said Richard.

Sheriff: Siblings Drown On Greers Ferry Lake

Jul 1, 2013

Authorities say a brother and sister drowned while swimming in Greers Ferry Lake over the weekend.

The Cleburne County Sheriff's Office says 26-year-old Chetana Armbya was swimming with her 33-year-old brother, Narain Armbya on Saturday when the accident occurred.

The sheriff's office says Chetana Armbya was struggling in the water and her brother swam out to her to help. Authorities say both disappeared from view before they could reach their nearby pontoon.

Arkansas Law Enforcement officials are working on a program to issue traffic citations electronically.

They say if it goes into effect, it could speed up the process and enhance the safety of police officers.

Spokesman Bill Sadler with the State Police says this is beneficial.

"The officer is not spending as much time along the side of the road. We all know from experience that the longer you're on the side of the road with a violator, the chances of something going wrong increases with the amount of time," said Sadler.

Officials are working on the best plans for the future after Phillips County Jail was closed on Tuesday due to failing an inspection.

Danny Hickman, the Coordinator of the State’s Criminal Detention Facilities, said, “There were several items that they didn’t meet the standards. Main thing is, the jail becomes deteriorated a lot and it became a very unsafe facility for inmates and for the staff and for the public of Phillips County. And living conditions was not quite up to par.”

The jail in Helena-West Helena was 30 years old.

The intersections of Capitol and Sixth at Broadway in Little Rock have been named by city officials as one of the most dangerous intersections in the city for pedestrians.

Dave Ingram, with Entergy Arkansas, said an Entergy employee died after being hit by a car in the downtown area.

Little Rock officials are now focusing on South Main Street’s growth and the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in that area.

All this month, officials are working to heighten awareness of the need to drivers to be safer.  KUAR’s Kezia Nanda visited the South Main and 15th St. Intersection.

The corner of South Main and 15th Street is where the Root Café, the Green Corner Store and Boulevard Bread are located. 

Laura Frankenstein works at the Green Corner Store and feels it’s dangerous to walk across Main Street.

A suspect is dead and a Bryant Officer is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries from a gunfire exchange Tuesday on Highway 5.

Asa Hutchinson
Shawn Thew

Arkansas Republican Asa Hutchinson outlined plans to protect schools from violence Tuesday, as part of a national “School Shield” program backed by the National Rifle Association.

Hutchinson, a GOP candidate for Governor in 2014, presented eight recommendations from the 225-page report that included placing trained armed guards in schools. He says there is a two-tier system of security in the nation’s schools.  

Authorities say three inmates are back in custody after escaping from the Yell County Jail and will likely face additional charges.

Captain John Foster with the Sheriff’s Office said Bret Cooksey and Seth Chowning overpowered a jailer Sunday afternoon, attacked him and locked him in a cell.

They then used his key to release a female inmate, Jacqueline Stobaugh and escape from the facility.