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Voters in the Pulaski County Special School District will get to decide in June whether or not to extend their property millage tax rate beyond its current expiration date 17 years from now. PCSSD Superintendent Jerry Guess says the extension of 40.7 mills in property tax for 30 more years would allow the district to leverage approximately $65 million in refinanced bond debt.


The small northwest Pulaski County community of Little Italy now awaits a decision from county Judge Barry Hyde on whether it can become a town. A second incorporation hearing ended Wednesday after petition-gatherers finished their presentation to Hyde with plans to improve roads.

Chris Dorer of the Little Italy Incorporation Task Force said in summarizing the town's estimated 89,000 dollar budget, that 2016 expenses would total about 39,000 dollars, with about 16,500 dollars going to streets.

Little Italy Residents Detail Budget In Town Plan

Dec 17, 2015

Leaders of a petition drive to incorporate the small community of Little Italy in northwest Pulaski County say they have a budget plan covering law enforcement, street maintenance, disaster response and waste management duties.


Petitioners presented an outline of their potential future budget to Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde Wednesday, who delayed a decision on granting the community incorporation. He is expected to make a decision on incorporation at a later hearing.