U.S. Senate

During a forum on energy policy hosted by RealClearPolitcs at the Clinton Presidential Center Thursday, U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton addressed a recent Environmental Protection Agency rule that calls for the nation to reduce its power plant carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030. 

Cotton said the rule would severely limit the production of coal power plants in Arkansas, which gets about half of its energy from coal.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor says he has signed on to legislation that would grandfather thousands of Americans' health care plans.

Pryor said in a statement Thursday that he signed on to a measure that would oblige insurance companies to continue offering existing paying customers continued coverage under any plans in effect at the end of 2013.

Millions of consumers received health care cancellation notices, and lawmakers in both parties have

The 2014 U.S. Senate matchup between Democrat Mark Pryor and Republican Tom Cotton hasn’t even officially been set, but the rhetorical battle is already raging.

Cotton, the first-term congressman from the fourth district, is widely expected to throw his hat in the ring this week against Pryor, who is considered one of the most vulnerable senators up for re-election in next year’s mid-terms.